Power of Energy seminar group swimming among dolphins of the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii.

The Path – to Achieve Joy and Success Event in Kona, Hawaii

August 25 – August 30, 2019 .

Join George on the Big Island of Hawaii and learn to use the Emotional Self-Management (ESM) process to resolve any emotional ‘loops’ that interfere in your relationships, your career success, or in your health and well being. At this retreat, you will elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resources to levels optimal for enjoying a full life. You will learn how to shift unproductive beliefs into expansive and powerfully positive beliefs in yourself. Using an innovative process that is the basis of his most recent book, Code To Joy, George will guide you in accessing your natural state of joy and happiness.

At this memorable, life-changing retreat you will:

  • Connect with Mother Nature along the Kona Coast revitalizing yourself through powerful guided experiences
  • Learn to transport yourself to present-centered effectiveness more easily and quickly
  • Develop new empowerment in your life and amplify your influence in the world
  • Gain relief from the struggle with unproductive anger, fear, or distress of past experiences
  • Unblock your creativity, ambition, intuition, and strength to help you succeed in your relationships, health, and career
  • Learn how to focus your mind/body toward realizing success in all areas of your life
  • Pinpoint and dissolve any blocks to your highest levels of achievement, wealth, and joy through innovative and proven processes
  • Heal past wounds in your beliefs in order to fulfil your full potential in love, health, and finance
  • Acquire powerful skills to transform challenges into opportunities and overcome barriers to a joyful life
  • Experience a dynamic increase in your ability to manage and utilize your emotions
  • Stimulate your skills of perception to improve relationships
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