Coast to Coast AM: Psychology & Resolutions — December 30, 2013

coast-to-coast-buttonClinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt, shared tips for helping people achieve goals, as well as emotional well being.  Mindfulness meditation can have a significant calming effect on the central nervous system, he noted. One way to do this, is to close your eyes, become totally aware of the breathing process, and breathe in through the abdomen rather than the chest, he detailed. This so-called “belly breathing” activates a natural relaxation response that counteracts stress, he explained. One of the best things you can do for your brain is to practice gratitude, and make a list of the things you are grateful for, he added.

Dr. Pratt addressed the problem of young people devoting so much time to their electronic devices and video games that they are often lacking in important interpersonal skills. He cited the importance of spending time outdoors, where recurrent patterns in nature or fractals have a calming effect on the brain. As far as New Year’s resolutions, he suggested people pick just one goal to focus on. It should be something that can have measurable results, the goal should be written down, and a certain amount of time allocated for it to occur.

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Coast to Coast AM: Emotional Healing — December 26, 2012

coast-to-coast-buttonClinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt talked about techniques for achieving emotional and psychological well being. He noted that stress, which releases the hormone cortisol, can suppress the function of the immune system.  One way to counteract this is to do a breathing exercise, where one simply observes their breath. This will trigger a relaxation response, and a host of positive biochemical measures, he said. Regarding New Year’s resolutions, Pratt suggested that people pick just one goal to focus on. Write down your goal and delineate specifically what you want to happen– the writing process helps to transfer the data and activate different parts of the brain, he stated.

By utilizing tools that access the subconscious mind, you can have more powerful results than working with the conscious mind, he continued. He described a balanced breathing exercise (video) which can adjust a person’s polarity or electrical system. Dr. Pratt discussed the process for releasing deeply held negative beliefs, and unlocking your natural state of happiness. He also cited three powerful therapeutic tools– EMDR, clinical hypnosis, and energy psychology (tapping).

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Loveline Live — November 19, 2012

loveline-buttonLoveline is a call-in question-and-answer radio show with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems. Clinical psychologist Dr George Pratt was invited to sit in for Dr. Drew Pinsky for an evening.

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Coast to Coast AM: Energy Psychology — April 7, 2012

coast-to-coast-buttonJoining John B. Wells, clinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt discussed how traditional psychology focuses solely on the mind, but he has found that the most remarkable personal transformations happen through using the body’s energy systems to eliminate buried emotional debris.

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