Electric People Podcast: George Pratt, PhD | Psychologist & Performance Expert | Train Your Subconscious

George is a licensed psychologist and author, focusing on high performance arenas. Simply, George helps people be successful and remove roadblocks in their way. Tune in to learn how to train your subconscious to reach your potential! Listen here:

Understanding the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Please enjoy this interview with Alex Saenz and Dr. George Pratt.  It was conducted while in Kona, Hawaii at the most recent Power of Energy seminar in August 2019.

Would you like to be happier and less stressed?   Go outside!

Anything that puts you in regular contact with nature has a decidedly positive impact on the nervous system. Fractals are patterns in nature that repeat at different scales.  These patterns […]

Best-Selling Author, Gene Riehl, Gains Insight from Dr. Pratt

The insight of Dr. George Pratt, Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Scripps Memeorial Hospital, La Jolla, California, was invaluable in the process of deepening and enriching my understanding of Puller Monk, as well as helping me get a better handle on the creative process itself. Gene Riehl was an FBI agent for more than twenty years, serving in Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California. As an agent he worked virtually every category of federal crime - including kidnapping, extortion, bank [...]

Code to Joy Summary Published by Success Magazine

We recently became aware of a well written summary of our book, Code to Joy, published by Success Magazine.  For those of you who may not have read the book, this summary outlines many of the core principles. […]

Swimming with Dolphins in Kona, Hawaii

Power of Energy seminar group swimming among dolphins of the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii. The Path - to Achieve Joy and Success Event in Kona, Hawaii August 25 – August 30, 2019 . Join George on the Big Island of Hawaii and learn to use the Emotional Self-Management (ESM) process to resolve any emotional 'loops' that interfere in your relationships, your career success, or in your health and well being. At this retreat, you will elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual [...]

New Screening Recommendations for Depression

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week on the recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that all pregnant and postpartum women to be screened for depression.  Dr. Pratt discusses research showing that maternal depression during and after pregnancy often goes unidentified and untreated presenting a significant potential risk to both the baby and the mother. Maternal depression is associated with pre-term birth, low birth weight, lower academic achievement, and an increased risk of mood and anxiety disorders across the child’s lifetime.  Universal implementation of this [...]

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